The DJ X-Factor

12 Mar

Found this hilarious video courtesy of the folks at The Dancing Astronaut:


Them British are just great!


First there was The Office with Ricky Gervais then The Office with Steve Carrell.


Pop Idol (UK) –> American Idol –> The X-Factor UK (Formerly Pop Idol UK) –> The X-Factor US.

Top Gear (UK) –> Top Gear USA.

Funny, innit?


I’m AA Platinum!

8 Mar

After two mileage runs to LA in late February I’m finally Platinum with American!

I showed you this link before outlining the benefits of becoming platinum, but let me reiterate why I’m excited:

1. No bag fees!

2. 100% bonus miles. So if I fly 2500miles, I get an extra 2500. Especially handy when I can go one-way to Venezuela (from ANYWHERE in the US for 15k! (As I will be in two days, going MSP-JFK-CCS).

3. Access to One World lounges overseas. This is a perk that will come very, very handy if you find yourself bored/hungry/tired in some random airport in Europe/Asia.

4. Access to Preferred Seats when booking. Maybe you saw in the seat map there were only 7 left available? Well, I can see there’s actually 16, including emergency exit ones.

5. Priority Access. Boarding first is a must when you’re trying to hoard the overhead bin in coach. So while you wait for them to call Group 1-2-3-4…elite members are already in the plane, most sitting on first class. They get to do that for having elite status, not because they actually bought a first class ticket.

6. Upgrade clearance. AA offers 500-mile upgrades which allow you to upgrade to the next cabin class. Essentially allowing you to flight in first class from KC to Chicago or Dallas for an extra $30. As a Platinum member, you can secure this upgrade as early as 72hrs before the flight.

Said all that, there’s still Executive Platinum. The highest level of elite status you can achieve in American Airlines. EXP gives you two extra MAJOR perks:

1. Complimentary upgrade to the next cabin class on any domestic flight regardless of fare purchased. Meaning you can buy the cheapest transcontinental, most-discounted ticket anywhere and get upgraded to business class. It’s good to be EXP when you have to flight a BOS to LA, NY to SF or MIA to LA. Domestic 6hrs flights in coach are no fun.

2. 8 complimentary SWUs every time you qualify or re-qualify as EXP is reached or. System Wide Upgrades allow you to upgrade one cabin class up in ANY AA FLIGHT WORLDWIDE.

Do you have any idea how valuable that is? You could pay for a regular coach ticket and fly London-NY-LA, Buenos Aires-Miami-Dallas-San Francisco or Caracas-Miami-Boston-Tokyo all in business class and for only 1 SWU each way!

It’s going to be a long way for me to get to Executive Platinum but you can bet I’ll give it a try.

Learning Venezuelan Slang (Part 1)

7 Mar

NOTE: This is an updated version of Learning Venezuelan Slang Part 1, first published on my very neglected Spanish language other blog in 2010.

Today y’all get a chance to learn some Spanish. Not Castellano-Spanish, as one of the six official languages of the United Nations, nor the Spanish you think you’re speaking when you try to insult somebody by saying “Pinga tu madra.” (Sadly, you are not even saying it right! Ask a Mexican buddy to correct you).

I’m talking about real, legitimate Spanish from Venezuela. Join me as take you through the first edition of Learning real Venezuelan slang with a native Guaro.

I know everybody loves to learn insults and cuss words in different languages, but there won’t be any insults to your mother or sexual references here (internet people still have families, you know?), but this will be a great start:

Note: Alphabetical orders are boring. Leave those to Oxford and Merriam-Webster.

1. Burda/Sendo(a): (bur-dah/Cehn-doh) A lot. Very. Plenty. Hella. Tremendous.

Ex1: I have burda of hunger.

Ex2: The Colorado Rockies have senda Venezuelan representation this Spring Training 2012 with Marco Scutaro, Ramon Hernandez, Rafael Betancourt, Carlos Gonzalez, Jhoulys Chacin, Edgmer Escalona and Eliezer Alfonso!

2. Na’Guara: (na-gua-ra) local thing from Guaroland. Meaning: wow, no sh*t!, really?, etc.

Ex1: Naguara, current New Orleans Hornet and former Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez lifted his team over the then future NCAA BB National Champs in both his Junior and Senior years.

Ex2: You ate a 3lb hamburger? NAGUARA! I don’t believe you. (Yes, I did. By the way).

3. Chimbo/Pirata: (shim-bo/pee-ra-tta) when something/someone is of shady quality or simply sucked. Sketchy.

Ex1. Did you go to that concert? Yes, but it was very chimbo.

Ex2: That personal trainer is pirata like no other. (More common than you’d think).

4. Arrecho: (ah-rre-sho) when something is awesome or astonishing. Also used when someone is mad or pissed off.

Ex1: Did you see that dunk by Lebron? That was so arrecho!

Ex2: Mel Kiper Jr. spent the whole 1st Round of the 2010 NFL Draft arrecho because nobody picked his boy Jimmaaay Clausen. (Not updated, for posterity)

5. Pana: (pa-nah) friend, buddy, bro. Also used to indicate somebody is a good person.

Ex1: My pana Athlete Creator says Target is known worldwide as the store where all hot women shop. I concur.

Ex2: What do you think of your new boss”? He’s cool, very pana.

6. Tipo: (tee-poh) guy, dude, man. Not quite endearing as pana.

Ex: That tipo kicked me and my panas out of the club for being too awesome for the place. That guy was very pajuo.

7. Ladilla: (la-di-lla, lla pronounced as fo-llow) Something that’s extremely boring or a complete pain in the ass. Unwanted chores.

Ex1: I have to go to the DMV again? What a ladilla!

Ex2: What are you doing right now? I’m so ladilla’o(a). Let’s go out.

8. Pajuo(a)*: (pa-who-oh/pa-who-ah). When somebody is not helpful or purposely goes out of the way to not help or assist. Also to indicate wrong doing.

Ex1: She asked her roommate if she could use her frying pan, and she said no. She’s so pajua.

Ex2: I went to the gym to do some squats, but this pajuo came in and started doing biceps curls in the squat rack.

9. Papiar: (pa-pee-ar) to eat well. Derivative from papa (potato), a very good meal. Origin of the word papiado (pa-pia-do), which is to be swollen, muscular, well fed.

Ex1: What is there to papiar today? I’m super hungry, I want to eat a tremendous papa. Have you papiado yet?

Ex2: I rather look papiao than look like one of those pansy A&F/AE/Aeropostale models.

10. Chevere/Chevre**: (Che-ve-re/Che-vre) Nice. Cool. Good. etc

Ex1: How was that Royals game, I heard they lost again? They did, but I had a good time, it was chevere.

Well, my panas. There you go, the first batch 10+ words and verbs that I hope can enrich your non-existent Venezuelan vernacular. Trust me, as much as it’s fun to try to pronounce them correctly it will be even more fun when you use them in proper context. Also, guess what? You were just speaking Spanglish and you didn’t even notice! Go you!

Any questions, concerns, complaints? Have the distance affected my Venezuelan slang? Go ahead and leave a comment. Let me know.

* I must add, the English language desperately needs a word for this. You could technically use a-hole, but I’d like to use a more concise, clear word.

** There is some controversy as per the actual country of origin with this word. Boricuas, if you want it, it’s all yours.

My Favorite Music Website

6 Feb

For a house and electronic fanatic like myself, few things are as great as scoring full DJ sets. That is, the full performance of a DJ, whether live at a venue or recorded for a weekly show a full set is about as close one can get to being there.

One very good option is, which compasses absolutely every range in the world of electronic music and has thousands of full sets available for download. Very solid content, and one of my go-to places for the latest DJ sets.

But earlier this year, I ran across Mixjunkies. What the fellas over there have managed to do is simply amazing. They comb the interweb every week to bring us the best of EDM in an easy-to-listen format where no download is necessary (you can, if you prefer it).

Without further ado, I give you my favorite resource for endless hours of enjoyment.

Click to start the pary.

Honorable mention:

DJ Chuckie at Sensation is another great site! They have footage of full DJ sets recorded at a multitude of venues and music festivals. If you click on the picture above, it’ll take you to the excellent set DJ Chuckie had at Tomorrowland 2011 in Belgium. The tracks and the crowd makes it one of my favorites sets of all of 2011. Note: For maximum enjoyment of, make sure your computer and internet connections are above average.

Mileage Runs

5 Feb

You may wonder what a mileage run (MR) is. I don’t blame you, I never heard of the term until I got involved in the world of frequent flying.

A mileage run is a trip that is taken solely for the purpose of accumulating miles with the airline or alliance. Yes, it sounds…crazy.

There’s a variety of reasons while people embark on mileage runs. Usually it comes down to two things, achieving elite status with the airline and/or taking advantage of a running promotion (some promos let you get x2, x3 the miles flown).

Here’s a handy chart with the benefits you can enjoy for having elite status in American Airlines. My airline of choice.

A true MR is considered to be one in which you fly to a destination land, get off the plane and immediately head back. Sometimes even in the same aircraft with the same crew. Note: I hear their faces are priceless when they see you boarding again.

Currently on a quest to become Platinum with American Airlines, last week I went on my first mileage run. After much searching, MCI to SAN was the best mile-for-your-buck (aka, cents-per-mile) fare available. I ended up flying MCI-DFW-SAN-DFW-MCI and spending 4 hours roaming San Diego. From 6am to midnight, almost 9 hours were spent up in the air.

Arrived to SD at 10:30am and made sure to enjoy the 4-hr layover:

Like every other out-of-towner visiting the West Coast. A must stop. Incidentally, also a pre-workout meal.

May as well get a workout in, no?

Gold’s Gym SD. The view from the cardio theater.

Some post-workout replenishment:

When you’re this close to the ocean, sushi is mandatory.

About two hours from catching my flight back, I thought I would start walking towards the airport and take on some sun:

Sunny San Diego at a chilly 52F.

However, about 45 minutes into my hiking I decided to get a cab and get my ass back to the airport. Despite only having a carry-on,  a MR is not the time to cut it close to the gate!

Got back with a few minutes to spare and off I was.

Later, Pacific. Always a pleasure.

After a 65min layover in DFW and landing at MCI at 12:04am, the deed was done.

I am now 1,770 EQPs closer to platinum status.

Blog City

5 Feb

Fly. Rave. Eat. Lift. Blog.

Tripping to the Beat.

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