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The Man and the Scarf

28 Mar

As a born and raised Venezuelan I was a total stranger to cold weather until I moved to the Midwest in 2005.

My first snow experience happened December of that year and it was really fun. The short walk to class the next morning? That sucked. My idea of winter apparel at the time consisted of layering….sweaters. After all, why would I ever buy any cold gear or accesories when in Venezuela, temperatures under 70F are as a common as a short trip to the DMV.

Late last year, I ran across the Youtube channel of Real Men Real Style  and instantly, it was like hiring a personal style and fashion counselor…at no cost. The man in the videos is Antonio Centeno, a former US Marine and the founder of RMRS and A Tailored Suit.

RMRS has become one of my favorite websites for men’s style advice. The amount of free material available on there is truly astounding. The Youtube channel alone will keep you busy for days. You will be surprised how much you can learn from a 4-5 min clip. In fact, chances are whatever question you may have he already answered. Definitely give them a watch go.

Now, getting to the scarf business. For those of you that know me (all 4 of you, thanks for reading), it comes as no surprise that I have healthy obsession with scarves. I don’t own 45 like women own pairs of shoes (nobody is judging) but I do have several that I like to rotate over the Fall and Winter seasons. Where did my extreme liking for scarves come from? I’m not quite sure. But the notion of being able to protect yourself from the cold while looking awesome, to this day, is simply too good to pass.

In any case, I leave you with the great job Antonio did explaining the essentials,

History of the scarf:

Why to wear one:

How to choose the right one:

See? Be a man, it’s cool. Wear one.

(Unless it’s 80F outside)

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