AA award tickets to South America showing up at 8,5k AAdvantage miles?

13 Apr

Doing my usual round of fantasy travel planning at 1am, I ran across this odd image as I looked for availability for a one-way, MCI-CCS ticket:


8.5K is an insane deal considering a domestic flight goes for 12.5 AAdvantage miles.


I did some more digging and looks like all of Central America and northern South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) is showing some availability at 8.5K AAdvantage miles (“Economy MileSAAver Special“) for the rest of April. It’s very limited but it’s there.

You can select the flight(s) but once you try to book them the price goes up to 15K AA miles, or what would be a regular “Economy MileSAAver Off Peak.”

I looked at MCI-SJO as I always wanted to visit “Pura Vida” land and take a look at this:


Plenty of availability to Costa Rica.


AA veterans, what is happening here? Promotion in the making? Some IT dude trying to get ahead of marketing? Simple website glitch?


One Response to “AA award tickets to South America showing up at 8,5k AAdvantage miles?”

  1. McCool Travel April 13, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Nice find. So the CRS also has award ticketing anomalies. Love it!

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