I’m AA Platinum!

8 Mar

After two mileage runs to LA in late February I’m finally Platinum with American!

I showed you this link before outlining the benefits of becoming platinum, but let me reiterate why I’m excited:

1. No bag fees!

2. 100% bonus miles. So if I fly 2500miles, I get an extra 2500. Especially handy when I can go one-way to Venezuela (from ANYWHERE in the US for 15k! (As I will be in two days, going MSP-JFK-CCS).

3. Access to One World lounges overseas. This is a perk that will come very, very handy if you find yourself bored/hungry/tired in some random airport in Europe/Asia.

4. Access to Preferred Seats when booking. Maybe you saw in the seat map there were only 7 left available? Well, I can see there’s actually 16, including emergency exit ones.

5. Priority Access. Boarding first is a must when you’re trying to hoard the overhead bin in coach. So while you wait for them to call Group 1-2-3-4…elite members are already in the plane, most sitting on first class. They get to do that for having elite status, not because they actually bought a first class ticket.

6. Upgrade clearance. AA offers 500-mile upgrades which allow you to upgrade to the next cabin class. Essentially allowing you to flight in first class from KC to Chicago or Dallas for an extra $30. As a Platinum member, you can secure this upgrade as early as 72hrs before the flight.

Said all that, there’s still Executive Platinum. The highest level of elite status you can achieve in American Airlines. EXP gives you two extra MAJOR perks:

1. Complimentary upgrade to the next cabin class on any domestic flight regardless of fare purchased. Meaning you can buy the cheapest transcontinental, most-discounted ticket anywhere and get upgraded to business class. It’s good to be EXP when you have to flight a BOS to LA, NY to SF or MIA to LA. Domestic 6hrs flights in coach are no fun.

2. 8 complimentary SWUs every time you qualify or re-qualify as EXP is reached or. System Wide Upgrades allow you to upgrade one cabin class up in ANY AA FLIGHT WORLDWIDE.

Do you have any idea how valuable that is? You could pay for a regular coach ticket and fly London-NY-LA, Buenos Aires-Miami-Dallas-San Francisco or Caracas-Miami-Boston-Tokyo all in business class and for only 1 SWU each way!

It’s going to be a long way for me to get to Executive Platinum but you can bet I’ll give it a try.


4 Responses to “I’m AA Platinum!”

  1. AAdvantage Geek March 9, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    Nice summary of the benefits. Congratulations and may all you upgrades clear!!


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