My Favorite Music Website

6 Feb

For a house and electronic fanatic like myself, few things are as great as scoring full DJ sets. That is, the full performance of a DJ, whether live at a venue or recorded for a weekly show a full set is about as close one can get to being there.

One very good option is, which compasses absolutely every range in the world of electronic music and has thousands of full sets available for download. Very solid content, and one of my go-to places for the latest DJ sets.

But earlier this year, I ran across Mixjunkies. What the fellas over there have managed to do is simply amazing. They comb the interweb every week to bring us the best of EDM in an easy-to-listen format where no download is necessary (you can, if you prefer it).

Without further ado, I give you my favorite resource for endless hours of enjoyment.

Click to start the pary.

Honorable mention:

DJ Chuckie at Sensation is another great site! They have footage of full DJ sets recorded at a multitude of venues and music festivals. If you click on the picture above, it’ll take you to the excellent set DJ Chuckie had at Tomorrowland 2011 in Belgium. The tracks and the crowd makes it one of my favorites sets of all of 2011. Note: For maximum enjoyment of, make sure your computer and internet connections are above average.


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